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The Ritz Carlton Resort Sharm El Sheikh is a very isolated, for mostly unknown retreat, located in the middle of a very beautiful landscape garden, in a real oasis that waits for its guests to come in, and stay in. This hotel – resort reflects a very warm, most friendly, fun and also relaxed ambience, nestled on the actual Southern tip of the beautiful and diverse Sinai Peninsula between the revered Mountain Sinai and the aquatic – blue waters from the Red Sea.

The Naama Bay is now situated at just 15 minutes drive away and the original Bedouin Camp is also located at less than 50 minutes drive away from the hotel’s property itself.

The Ritz Carlton Resort Sharm El Sheikh has approximately 330 rooms and even suites in the beachfront most of them having a private balcony or a terrace, either overlooking the actual Tiran Island or the Red Sea, or a genuine view of some wonderful landscapes and pools in the other side.

All the guests can utilize the spa that nowadays is offering here an extended range of facilities, utilities and services that are including also an indoor self – heated whirlpool, a sauna, and a steam room, all of these services being into function all year long.

The Ritz Carlton Sharm El Sheikh hotel – resort delivers an unforgettable experience for the authentic original Italian flavors, the unique spicy Asian cuisine or the palatable Middle Eastern delicacies that are found only in this place. The “Pyramid Bar” offers a wide range of beverages and sandwiches only for its guests.

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